Decree Law 1.804/80 on imports makes it CLEAR that every Brazilian has the right to import products worth up to $100USD (American Dollars) without any taxation. The vast majority of our products are WELL BELOW this value, not generating any problems of this nature with Customs.

In some cases, the "Tax Problems" status is related to Protocol ICMS 021/2011, which requires the payment of ICMS in the destination UF of the various signatory states, which is retained at SEFAZ and will only be released after bureaucratic processes. If this problem occurs with your product being taxed, please contact us so that we can help and TRY to minimize the tax collection.

If the charge is unavoidable and no other resource can prevent its payment, it will be the responsibility of the final consumer!

We ask that you continue to monitor the delivery status through our tracking tool. When it is released, we will request priority anyway. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.